Our Bakery

The Holland’s bakery in Baxenden has been our home since 1936 and has been at the centre of the community ever since. In that time, we’ve found a way of doing things that has won the hearts of millions of pie-eaters. That’s why we stick to what we’re good at, with our secret recipes and cooking methods, our prime cuts of meat and our specially-blended pastry.

From our expert cookhouse monitors, who make sure our meat is cooked to just the right level of tenderness, to delivery drivers who ensure our pies get to chip shops in time for your tea!

We make over 1 million pies a week and all are watched over every step of the way, to make sure they always look and taste as good as you’ve come to expect.

First, our in-house butchers prepare the meat for our pies, making sure the best cuts are used and most of the fat is removed. Next, the meat is taken through to the ‘Big Kitchen’ – the cookhouse. This is where our open-top pans give off the constant enticing smell of home cooking, as the meat is gently simmered in its’ own juices to create the rich, Holland’s gravy.

At the same time, our expert pastry makers are busy mixing and rolling our unique shortcrust pastry to just the right thickness, making sure it is thick enough to contain all that meat and juice, but doesn’t end up too chewy!

Then comes the filling. Each pastry case is filled with just the right amount of chunky steak and kidney, gooey cheese or mixed pork and beef, to give you the perfect bite. We have eight production lines at the factory, seven producing pies and pastries, and one for puds. After being filled, the pies are sent into our giant ovens to be baked, whilst the puds are steamed in our huge steamers.

Next, the pies and puds are divided between our different sectors. Those destined for shops and supermarkets are blast frozen and packaged, whilst our chip-shop pies are chilled and put straight onto vans for our daily deliveries.

This means, when you tuck into your Friday-night chippy tea, your pie was probably baked just a day or two before!