Our Amazing Brand

You probably know who we are and how long we have been around AND you’ve probably come to love our range of pies, puddings and pastries too, but did you know all of this…

We’ve been baking since 1851 and we’re the North West’s best-known producer of pies, puddings and pastries.

Famous for our rich, tasty fillings, traditional baking methods and of course our unique shortcrust pastry, we use only the freshest vegetables, best cuts of meat and locally sourced mature cheddar cheese to make our tasty savoury selection.

Our unmistakable blend of shortcrust pastry contains less fat than standard shortcrust pastry – it’s also made using a well-guarded, secret technique dating back to a post-war recipe.

We give you traceability assurance with our on-pack British meat message. It’s not only a guarantee from us that our meat is sourced from within the UK, but it also shows our support for British farmers too.

We have the best customers too! And here’s why:

  • We’re regularly asked to send our pies all over the world by ex Lancastrians
  • We often get poems on pies, from people of all ages!
  • Families write in to ask for ‘Golden Ticket’ style factory tours – and we have arranged some!
  • Requests are often made for bespoke wedding and birthday cakes.
  • One beloved fan has kept one of our pies frozen for over 36 years – true love!
  • Another fan has taken his burnt Meat Pie all over the world – the pie even has its own sombrero and deck chair and even appeared on GMTV.

And here are a few stats too, for good measure…

  • 92% of people in the North West have heard of Holland’s*
  • 7 out of 10 people in the North West eat pies, pasties or puddings and 6 out of 10 of them eat Holland’s Pies*!
  • Quite simply, everybody in the North West loves Holland’s Pies!!!

*source TNS 2010 Brand Omnibus