Easy as pie! Back to School tips from Holland’s Pies

Easy as pie! Back to School tips from Holland’s Pies

Summer may be at a close, the kids back at school and the nights drawing in – so even more reason to think about some home comfort tasty meals for you and the family!

Holland’s have been making proper pies and puddings in Lancashire for over 165 years. Using only the finest British and Irish ingredients, Holland’s pies and puds can be microwaved or oven baked for a quick and tasty meal for the family – ideal for when time is of the essence on a school night.

What’s more, the Lancashire baker has put together five top tips for mums and dads to make that Back to School transition a little smoother:

  1. Stock up

One thing’s for sure, doing the weekly shop can be a bit of a chore when the kids are back at school and evenings are spent helping them with homework and getting them into bed on time! So to help make meal times run smoothly and quickly, why not stock up on some essential items for the freezer that when time is really tight, you can rely on for a last minute tasty supper? Holland’s Pies multi pack ranges are ideal for keeping your freezer nicely stocked.

  1. Plan your meals

Another simple way to stay organised is to plan your meals well in advance and buy all the ingredients you need at the beginning of the week – knowing exactly what you’re eating each evening will mean there’s one less thing to think about! And there’s nothing better than a simple pie dinner for the family to enjoy, with lots of choice for all tastes and preferences from steak and kidney pudding to cheese and onion pies.

  1. Get creative

Pies and puds don’t just have to be accompanied by mash and peas – although delicious as it is! Why not try some butternut squash, cauliflower cheese or sweet potato wedges as a different but scrumptious addition to your meal?

  1. Get them involved!

Our pies are so convenient that they can be ready in minutes – whilst they’re in the oven or microwave, why not get the kids mashing the potato or ask them what veg they’d like as an accompaniment?  This is a great way to make them feel involved and try their hand at cooking.

  1. Make the most of meal times

Quality time with your kids is precious and meal times are the one time of day when the family can all sit together – talk about your day, what they did at school and most importantly enjoy the tasty meal that’s been prepared!


The Perfect Mash Recipe

  1. Use the a potato with a high starch content – Maris Piper or Russets – these are the best potatoes to give you a nice fluffy mash.
  2. Wash and peel the potatoes carefully, then slice the potatoes into approx. 1cm thick slices – this ensures you will get an even cook.
  3. Place into cold water and bring to the boil, cooking until the potatoes are tender.
  4. Carefully drain off the water, tip the potatoes back into the pan and place back onto a low heat. This helps to evaporate any excess water from the potatoes and make them nice and fluffy .
  5. Mash the potatoes over the low heat for about 3 minutes, making sure they do not catch.
  6. For the best flavour, add a good knob of butter to the mash , then season well with salt and white pepper.
  7. Using a wooden spoon, mix the potatoes whilst adding in a drizzle of milk or cream until the mash becomes soft and smooth.
  8. Taste to make sure they are seasoned enough and adjust if required .
  9. Serve with your Holland’s pie!

Top tip: For a healthier version use clive oil instead of butter , or why not warm some chopped garlic into the oil to infuse and add some extra flavour to your mash!

Mash with a twist: For a Mediterranean feel add some chopped sun blush tomatoes, basil – the perfect accompaniment for Holland’s Chicken and Mushroom Pie.

Find your nearest pie stockist using the Holland’s Pie finder: http://www.hollandspies.co.uk/pie-finder/

5th September 2016

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